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You’ll find yourself wishing the days here were somehow longer than most. Fill them with hiking, swimming, surfing, kayaking or fishing. A hammock siesta or enjoying a cool Margarita while watching the sunset are favorite activities too.

Sayulita has warm water and consistent waves all year-round. Sayulita surf breaks and waves have provided the tropical surf expeditions for beginner to advanced surfers from all over the world.
There are two surf spots in Sayulita; a right (longboard) break in front of the village and a left (faster) break in front of the campground. Surfboard rentals can be found at a variety of locations.
Boats trips are also available for surfing excursions to Punta Mitas first class break. This is a beautiful boat ride takes around a hour each way. Find the boats down at the main beach.

Kayak out into the bay and explore private coves or watch the sea life below. Kayaks can be rented on the town beach.


Sayulita offers exciting day fishing trips on Mexican pongas, (open-bow fishing boat with outboard motor) Some of the more common fish include dorado (mahi-mahi), sailfish, marlin, tuna, red snapper, rooster fish, and bonita.

Good Swimming can be found in front of the house or anywhere along Sayulitas long beaches when the surf is not large. More sheltered waves can be located on the beach south of town.

Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding is available with local Charo Louis Verdin. He maintains over 15 horses and offers a great Sayulita horseback ride day-trip to a variety of locations depending on your preference. Choices include jungle trails, long beaches, rides through the village, or a combination of all three.
For a special adventure, sign up for the Canopy Ride tour which involves a one-hour horseback ride to Verdin's private Jungle Canopy harness ride, three zip line rides, and the horse trip back to town.
Louis' office is located directly in front of the baseball and soccer field in Sayulita.



Though not often marked in Sayulita, plenty of hiking trails offer visitors routes to secluded beaches and breathtaking views. Most trails lead off the dirt road to Punta Mita. Ask locals about details and directions.

Good Snorkeling can be found at Playa de Los Muertos.
Continue past the cemetery on to Playa de Los Muertos, which is very popular with Mexican families and a safe swimming beach. Huge rocks protect it on both sides. Las Cargadas is the tiny beach past the rocks to the south. From the beach look to the south and you will see three or four rock islands. All of these provide for great Sayulita snorkel adventures.

Boats trips are also available to some of the islands toward Punta Mita for more adventures snorkeling.

Town Activities
Sayulita has many galleries and shops featuring Mexican folk art and clothes in this colorful fishing town. Pick from a variety of restaurants and outdoor taco stands for delicious meals and fish fresh from the sea.

For reservations and weekly rates call
1-800-423-9949 (Sorensen’s Resort)
or e-mail info@sayulitalosdelfines.com